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We are located in the mountains near Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Since 1982 Horsepower Farm has been an outstanding facility for horse riding instruction under the direction of Pam Hayes-Houldin.  Pam has devoted much of her life to providing a stable of 20 well trained horses of differing breeds to help riders of all levels of proficiency.


Pam Hayes-Houldin was raised on a horse and dairy farm and has been working with horses her entire life. Riding and training with 4-H, Pony club and many instructors, she has honed her balanced seat teaching skills to work with both children and adults. After initial lessons, riders may choose to be introduced to dressage, jumping, trail riding, cross country and vaulting.

In 1979 Pam became interested in therapeutic riding and decided to pursue that field as well. She trained at The Cheff Center for Riding for the Handicapped in Augusta, Michigan and then became qualified as a Master Instructor through the Pennsylvania Council on Therapeutic Horsemanship (www.pacth.org) and the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (www.pathintl.org). Pam has been involved with the Pennsylvania Council for many years, is currently the President of the Board of Directors and is on the faculty for the Instructor Training Courses. She also received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA for her work in therapeutic riding.

In 2010 she studied with Daniel Stewart and received the Ride Right Certification to teach Equestrian Sport Psychology classes. As a Ride Right Specialists, Pam can teach riders of all levels how to improve their performance and increase their success through increased confidence and focus by learning how to control stress, distractions and performance anxiety.

When she is not teaching, Pam continues her own education and broadens her knowledge by attending varied seminars and clinics around the country. Pam and her favorite horse Tess, a Cleveland Bay, are happy partners learning and competing in Dressage.

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