The most important consideration is that all the horses are under the care of Pam; this includes her philosophy to maintain a healthy, properly fed, and well exercised horse.  Respect for the horse and caring about the animal comes with expectations of each horse being well behaved. 

Our facilities have 12 box stalls and 8 straight stalls. Usually there is a waiting list for new boarders.  Monthly board covers all hay, grain, daily evaluation, cleaning stalls every day and handling.  Board is very reasonably priced.  Please consult Pam about rates.

The horses are under Pam’s care, which is excellent by everyone’s endorsement.  Each day each horse is observed and evaluated.

With the boarding of a horse comes the use of the ring, outdoor course, and trail riding areas.

The focus is on the watchful care and healthy environment.  All horses are in a paddock during much of the day or night, and most of the horses are turned out together at night in 40 acres of pasture and fields.  There is a lot of opportunity for exercise.

Blacksmithing and veterinarian care are done on a regular basis.