The Horses

With 20 horses in the barn, it is critical they be well trained and well behaved.  It helps that our horses are here at the farm all year, and handled by Pam Hayes-Houldin every day.  Pam has a very special relationship with the stable of horses, and a way of handling them so they work well with riders of all levels and abilities.  Our horses, of various breeds, are very well taken care of and in good shape.  Most of our horses are trained in English style riding, but some also are trained in Western style.

“I love being at a camp with an incredible riding program where I can focus my energy on riding, but it’s not a riding camp & every one’s not a rider. There are kids here just as excited about rock climbing or mountain biking as I am about riding. Plus when I’m not riding can do all those other activities like White Water Rafting & Ultimate Frisbee!”
Nina Armstrong, New York City, NY