Beginner riders develop skills and confidence and learn to be comfortable handling and caring for horses. Advanced riders are challenged on the flat, over fences, on the trail, or on lunge lines while learning new skills from seasoned Horseback Riding Instructors. Balanced seat is taught to all riders in order to develop a strong, effective seat doing flat work. Horsemaster riders may focus on jumping, cross-country, or dressage.


Pam Hayes-houldin is in charge, and has been for over 30 years of working with campers who choose to ride.  She is a master instructor, a level  one dressage rider, and has a life long love of horses and everything to do with them.  Pam is a caring person who campers love working with and learning from.   Her vast knowledge of the horse world is a wonderful resource for all riders.  In addition, each summer, one of counselors is hired because of their experience in riding instruction, and will be a part of the riding program every day.