Summer Camp

“I love everything about the Horsemasters Program. At home I only get to ride a few days a week, here I get to ride every day! The instructors are so awesome & down to earth, I have gained so much confidence it’s crazy. I can’t wait to come back next summer!
Rose “Swaggers” Miller, Solomons, MD

One of the great things about Horsepower Farm at Stone Mountain Adventures is you can be part of the 6 days a week Horsemaster riding program each morning, and be part of the other adventures during the rest of the day.  The best of both worlds.

During each summer the horseback riding program has been a key element of Stone Mountain Adventures for those who choose the Horsemasters Program :

  • To experience skilled instructors helping  riders of all levels.
  • Ride horses that are used all year for lessons and shows.  Not horses that are rented for the summer like some summer camps.
  • Ride well trained and behaved horses handled by Pam Hayes-Houldin everyday throughout the year.
  • Be able to ride English or Western styles.
  • Have lessons in small groups.

This is a personalized and fun program and is limited to only 12 campers. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Horsemaster Program will have the opportunity to ride a horse during their time at SMA.

Additional information: